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Frequently asked questions

WHAT's the difference between wakeboard and wakesurf?

What if I can't swim?

You can still wakeboard/wakesurf or wakefoil with us.
our life jackets will keep you afloat!

What should i bring?

all equipment such as boards and vests will be provided.
you can bring along sunblock, towel, water or drinks and a set of dry clothing.

Note: No red wine and coffee allowed on our boats.

what should i wear?

Swimming attire such as bikinis, boardshorts and rashguards. it is also best to come wearing slippers instead of shoes. 

what is the minimum age allowed?

wakeboard and wakesurfing is suitable for ages 4 and above. it would be preferable for kids to already be comfortable with being in the water to participate. 

wakefoiling is recommended for adults only. 

What if it rains?

sessions can still go on during rainy conditions. sessions will only be postponed in the event of lightning/heavy rain. please show up for your session on time regardless  of the weather conditions and we will provide advice on-site. 

can i bring my pet?

sure, you can! if your pet doesn't shed excessively.

do note that butter the sea dog is very sociable and your pet should be friendly. 

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